The Will To Do

“The Will To Do”.  

Think about that notion for a minute.

There’s so much to these four simple and powerful words.  One of my dearest friends and I talked at length about this notion last week.  These four words have been haunting me since that conversation.

There is so much we can do in this life – we’re capable of anything, whether it’s for better or worse, we’re capable of doing ANYTHING.  All it takes is The Will To Do.

The Will To Do covers so much, so I’ll try and keep this succinct and relatable to all of our everyday lives.  I often write, talk, and wonder about the “Why” before the “What”.  For example: Why do I act the way I do?  Why do I get up in the morning and go after something with everything I have?  The simple answer lies in those four words: The Will To Do.

So how do I develop The Will To Do something?

For starters, I think a lot about “What” I want to do and “Why” I want to do it.  I haven’t always been this systematic in my approach to life, people, and what I take on in my life.  At this point, this is something that I am constantly breaking down and wondering “What” I want to do and “Why” I want to do it.  Once I feel that I have identified the “What” coupled with the “Why” then I feel like I have an idea.  This sparks The Will To Do.

So I’ve identified what I want to do and I understand why I want to do it.  Now, I am able to work towards any goal with The Will To Do.  This directly correlates to the actions I take and the way I act every day towards myself, my goals, and others.  Most of us interact with many people on a daily basis and we make decisions to act a certain way, but a lot of the time, we act without thinking about how our actions are affecting not only ourselves, and our goals, but the people with whom we interact.

I look back in my life and I look at myself today, along with the people I have relationships with and I see many of us (me included) just wasting time – existing – and it’s a terrible feeling.  Waking up, doing whatever it is that we do with no guiding light, no touchstone, no reflection upon how our actions affect ourselves, our goals, and those around us.  Often we take action on a whim because we feel like we should be busy and it’s extremely HARD to look back and hold ourselves accountable to a plan (if we have one).  Even when we establish a plan and The Will To Do, it’s HARDER to go back and adjust the plan because many times we feel ashamed or feel like we have failed if our original intent or idea must be adjusted.  It’s okay though – a plan is just a PLAN – it’s a line from A to B, which we MUST understand will be adjusted throughout the course from A to B.

I’ve been involved in and seen too many situations where we act aimlessly, giving no consideration or explanation to others, which always ends up in some type of miscommunication with not only those around us, but more importantly – OURSELVES.

It’s EASY to get up in the morning and stay on some course of action without reflecting upon “What” we are doing and “Why” we are doing it.  It’s HARD to step back, look in the mirror and say, “Why am I acting this way?  Is it in line with what I am trying to do?  How is it affecting those around me?”

So many people have lost money, businesses, time, relationships, and most importantly direction in their lives because of their failure to plan properly and establish a strong will to do something.  Once they have set out on an aimless path, they are often afraid to look back at what they are actually doing, why they are doing it, and the results and byproducts of their efforts.  While they feel busy and possibly myopically satiated, they are absolutely frightened to reflect and adjust their course because they have not established it from the beginning.

This is something I am working on every day and I challenge you to think deeply about The Will To Do.

Think about what you want, why you want it, develop a plan, go after it, and be relentless in your reflection to keep yourself on track… Don’t be afraid to reevaluate what you’re doing and admit to YOURSELF and OTHERS that your original plan must be adjusted… It will make you a stronger, more driven person with direction, and a more honest person… Ultimately culminating in the optimization of your time, and success in ANYTHING you have THE WILL TO DO.

We are capable of doing anything if we have The Will To Do.  I’ve shared the way that I develop The Will To Do things… Do you do this?  If not, give it a shot… If so, please share…

I can only provide my perspective.  I’m here to learn and share with you…

Love & Peas,


About rizzojoshua

I'm probably a lot like you, trying to figure out what it is we're all doing here. I'm going to write about what's honestly on my mind and heart, and I hope to inspire you and be inspired by you.
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