The Days Are Getting Longer

Smile for a second.  Give it a shot, even if you don’t feel very happy right now.  Okay good.  I had to really reach deep this past week and do that for myself.  At the time it didn’t feel like it really helped and it felt like I was faking it, so I tried to think about the good things in my life.  I eventually grabbed a pen and pad and I wrote out a list.  After writing out this list, I really got out of the pitiful mood I was in and I began to actually smile a real, genuine smile.

I was a bit sick, probably from working so many hours, traveling so much, and more honestly: overdoing it last weekend in Seattle with friends.  It was Wednesday last week and I was really under the weather and my energy was so low that I couldn’t even open a computer, read a book, or talk on the phone – forget about trying to do anything constructive.  

I really fall into a rut when I am not doing something constructive or creating something, so I decided to do what I often advise others to do when they’re down: “just become more observant and reflective and seek out the light.”  

I started to “seek out the light” in the figurative sense, thinking about all of the good people and good things in my life, and then eventually listing them.  However, it hit me in the literal sense when I was in my bathroom and felt the warm, amber light through the window gently resting on my arm through the curtains.  I looked out the window and saw the sun still fighting to stay up above the horizon.  I was that sun for a moment.  I looked down at my phone and noticed that it was about 5:15 pm and I smiled, “The days are getting longer!  The days are getting longer!” I said to myself.

I began to think about the Winter Solstice and how it kind of symbolizes the bottom of the pit for me – the shortest day of the year, least light.  Then I began to think we’re growing each day with more sunlight as we forge through the shady, deep grey and white months of the Winter into the beautiful light blue, yellow, and green hues of the Spring months.  I then thought about the beautiful, blistering orange Summer months where the days don’t seem to end… and the nights just aren’t that insurmountable…

We’re gaining momentum, and there’s always something to smile about.  Sometimes it’s right outside your window or right in front of you.  Sometimes it’s someone you see every day or a phone call with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  I spoke with a friend of mine two weeks ago who asked me for advice because he was down about his situation with his family.  I listened to him as he beat himself up (just like I do and I’d bet a lot of you do too) and when he asked, “What should I do man?”  I told him to seek out the light, and he replied quickly that he was trying so hard, but couldn’t see any.  My next suggestion to him was to go put some light into someone else’s life – just because – just do it.  

He called me later that day and told me that he went down to a soup kitchen and served meals for two hours.  He was actually laughing with joy that evening and that made me so happy.  So there’s just one example of our ability to create some light in someone else’s life.  I took some of my own advice this week and I seeked out the light.  While I didn’t necessarily create any light for anyone, I found some in mine… shining through my window… There will always be darkness in our lives, things to worry about, work that’s not done, financial strains, but there is ALWAYS LIGHT… ALWAYS… Try focusing on the light in your life and appreciate it… Create some light in someone else’s life… You won’t be disappointed… You might even smile… The days are getting longer…

Love & Peas,


About rizzojoshua

I'm probably a lot like you, trying to figure out what it is we're all doing here. I'm going to write about what's honestly on my mind and heart, and I hope to inspire you and be inspired by you.
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