Making What You LOVE doing What You ARE Doing

I’m captivated when I hear a person speak about his or her passion and how they are consumed with that passion, whatever it might be – I want to be that person.  I think a lot of us want to be that person.  I’m halfway there as I am extremely passionate about some things, however I am not yet at the point where I can share this enthusiasm and share it in all facets of my life.  

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last week or so thinking about what I really want to be doing with my life.  I’m sure a lot of us think about this and we’re all trying to figure it out.  Many of the songs I write are geared towards this kind of reflective notion – reviewing the things I do with great enthusiasm and how to make them a bigger part of my everyday life.

Having enthusiasm every day in everything I do is an essential goal of mine.  Much of the reading I have been doing lately has helped me understand that if we want excitement in our lives, we must begin with our talents, matched with our personalities, and identify where we can apply them.  I am doing this right now, in different jobs I have, businesses I have interests in; and I feel like there are talents I have and things that I “love to” do that I’m not fully applying to the world and the people I touch every day.

After reading a handful of books over the past week, I am consciously (in writing) identifying and evaluating my talents and the things that I love doing.  I want to use these talents and my enthusiasm to serve others.  I’m in a transition in my life where I’m making strides to be doing the things I “love to” do full time – transforming them into the things that I “have to” do in my daily life.

Everyone has a purpose in life.  Everyone has a unique talent to share with others.  We must identify the things we are good at and the things we love to do, then figure out: “How can I use my talents and what I love to do to serve and help others?”  At this point, which takes some work on our part to arrive at, we can begin to use our talents and do it in a way that will benefit others and feed our inner spirit.  We can make the things we “love to” do the things we “have to” do in our daily lives.  So, what are your talents?  What are you enthusiastic about?  What do you think you can give to others?  How can you serve others?  Write these things out and spend some time thinking about them.  This is the first step.

For me, this has been an exercise (which is ongoing and I have a lot of work ahead of me).  I have looked at my accomplishments, my resume, what I have done and excelled in, what I do each day in the jobs I have, along with the companies I have interests in and the companies I am looking at taking an interest in, etc.

I like the dark of night – the space and solitude in those small, wee hours of the night.  I feel at home in this space – the time when all of my work that I “have to” do is complete for the day.  This is when a special time for me begins and I am able to concentrate on the things that I really enjoy doing.  The day is full of things I “have to” do, while the night is full of the things I “love to” do.  The secret here to happiness and fulfillment is making the things I “want to” and “love to” do the things that I “have to” do.

For example, the things I love to do, while utilizing and expressing my unique talents are: Leading, Inspiring, Motivating, Communicating, Making others laugh, and Helping others recognize their beauty and worth in this life.  Right now, I’m juggling a bit, working hard at everything I “have to” do, while employing these talents and things I “love to” do into what I’m doing each day.  I am working even harder to make what I “love to” do into what I actually do full time.

Please, list (write out) your talents and the things you LOVE TO do.  You can use your gifts to benefit others as you express yourself, which becomes a “win/win” for everyone.  You will become part of this cycle of passion and enthusiasm that most of us marvel at – YOU will inspire others to get involved and find their enthusiasm, which begets more enthusiasm.  Take the first step on this journey with me and figure out what you’re good at, what you are enthusiastic about, what you have to offer, and finally how we can make that which we LOVE doing what we ARE doing…

Love & Peas,

About rizzojoshua

I'm probably a lot like you, trying to figure out what it is we're all doing here. I'm going to write about what's honestly on my mind and heart, and I hope to inspire you and be inspired by you.
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1 Response to Making What You LOVE doing What You ARE Doing

  1. Loving what you do is part of the answer and you are right in saying the things you love to do have to be taking more time in your life.
    I love taking photographs, I love writing and I love blogging…I guess for this new year starting today those will be the things I want to focus the most on 🙂
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Josh

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