Balance – You – Me – Together

It’s hard to balance things sometimes.  I know this… Family, friends… Commitments to yourself and your goals… Additionally, you make commitments to others and their goals… whether you overtly state them or just know that you are committed to helping others…  

No matter how hard you try, you will not be the same person around everyone… Some of that is a product of you (acting a certain way you think you need to act in front of a certain audience in your life…) The rest is a product of how others perceive you (no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to change the prejudices that others have, the way they look at you, predispositions, etc…)

Either way, a lot of us put ourselves in positions where we are working our tails off to do two things: 1) What we think we should do in our personal lives (what we really want for ourselves), 2) What we think we should do for other people (help them with whatever we think we should).

The thing that sucks about this whole idea of balance is that, Deep down… I think each one of us  is made of good stuff… We all want to do what’s right… we just don’t know what that means.  

Each one of us wants to make the world a better place… So where do we start?  

Inherently, we begin to pick apart everyone else around us (it’s easy) and figure out how to “help” them.  This is complete bullshit.  We must look at ourselves (as ‘selfish’ as it might seem) – we must begin within – We must concentrate on, and help, OURSELVES.  

Not one of us really has a clue as to what the heck we’re doing here.  However, we’re all quick to judge each other, poke holes, and find the deficiencies in each other…
All the while, we’re not taking that LONG, HARD, look in the mirror…

We’re not taking that look because we don’t we don’t know what right looks like – there’s nobody to really show us the way – NOBODY, BUT EACH OTHER – nobody, but others with selfless agendas.  It feels crazy writing this…

I’ve always wanted to be ahead – (sports, fights, arguments, business, anything), but I haven’t been able to understand that GIVING is the greatest, most important thing in this world.  

I will always strive to be the best I can be, but it’s not the same as it was when I was younger.  I understand that the only person who can be “better” than me is ME.  

When we start to understand this notion (and I promise you I have – I still have a lot of work to do) then we start to understand that we’re: 1) not alone, 2) not crazy, and 3) in this whole mess together and can actually live a mutually beneficial life.

I honestly feel sorry for those who don’t get this message or understand what I am trying to say – I really do – I was just like you at a point in my life… the same as you… I promise…

Call it competition, Darwinism, Capitalism, Democracy – shit, call it whatever you want – I’ve seen a lot of places and a lot of systems, and more than anything: a lot of social environments…

The only thing I can say with absolute conviction through personal experience is this:

We are all alike – we are all the same – we all try to balance things in our lives (some things that we’re trying to do [tasks] and some images we’re trying to keep up).  

Most of these things are complete bullshit and they’re constructed on a foundation of insecurity – a foundation of misrepresentation, so we can feel “strong,” but fuck it – I’ll say it – I’m not that strong – I don’t know what’s tough, what’s not, what’s good, what’s cool, what’s bad, what’s weak…

I don’t really KNOW anything… I only KNOW how I FEEL… and what I FEEL is that I FEEL a connection with YOU – I FEEL like there’s something between us all… I FEEL like you’re all as fucked up as I am… that you all really don’t have a clue – that you all need another focus point (foci – whatever)… maybe Einstein was right with the big picture of ‘Relativity’ – I think he was. Who the hell are you without another referential point – an anchor – anything?

We need each other  – we need that balance… Without each other, what would this whole life thing be?  You’re okay – I need you… I know you need me… I’m here – I mean it… I can’t be more honest… Just be you and understand that we’re all in this together… we’re all  human…

Love & Peas.



About rizzojoshua

I'm probably a lot like you, trying to figure out what it is we're all doing here. I'm going to write about what's honestly on my mind and heart, and I hope to inspire you and be inspired by you.
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3 Responses to Balance – You – Me – Together

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Josh!

  2. Kim says:

    You have and will continue to be my barometer of reality

  3. rizzojoshua says:

    BT / “Kim” haha, your comments mean more than you know – I’m glad you’re liking it – I’ll keep it up, at least one a week… Love & Peas.

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